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Daylight Saving evening shooting has commenced 5pm Wednesdays

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While the Orange branch of the SSAA is a relatively recent development having been incorporated in 1997, the range itself dates back to the late 1800's.  Formerly used as a Martini training range, the original mantelet is still evident, as are the varying mounds at ranges over which the training took place.  A grenade-training pit and the evidence of grenade training are other hangovers from earlier times. More recently a new stop butt was built and a shed now shelters the firing line from the sometimes-questionable Orange weather.

Now used as a Rimfire and Air-rifle range 

The range, which is situated on the edge of the city, is open every Sunday morning from 10am till 12noon, for a host of Rimfire competitions including Field Rifle, 3-Positional, Benchrest and General Target Practice. Some homegrown matches have also developed which are generally shot in conditions that are unsuitable for competition, which includes some Rapid fire and Offhand, giving good practice for both the field and for competition.

We welcome all new shooters (with and without a firearm licence) and the Range Officer of the day will help you with all enquires and the range rules and events of the day.

During daylight savings, the range is open every Wednesday night from 5pm for Benchrest competition, with a dedicated group of BR30 and RBA competitors the use of standard velocity ammo, on this evening shoot would be appreciated. There are around 300 members of the Orange Branch SSAA including ladies and juniors, and the president and committee would like to encourage those members who have not been to the range recently and invite any interested visitors to come down for a shot or just a chat.

To get to the range, travel south along Anson St, past the Catholic School and turn right at Sharps Rd and follow the dirt track down to the shed.